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The funniest part of this entire process is that the 'head' was created to fit just within legal limits for road travel. It was basically built to live on the roof rack and bumper of Rusty, Thea's Toyota truck. It stood 13 and a half feet tall, and was 8 feet wide! 

We (Fez and Dana) named the piece Saz after our favorite boat captain in Antarctica. The idea for the piece came from Lucidity's first year poster created by Mark Goerner, where whales lived flew through the sky. Later, a model was made and even later, the first EVER, life-sized space whale was created!

This project gave us many laughs, mostly when people would pass by and scream

"SPACE WHALLLLE" at the top of their lungs. We pushed hard to build this one and enjoyed damn near every minute of it!  

Again, special thanks to the Lucid Family, Dana Glenn, Rishi 'Blaze' Dhiri , Art Zeis, Andrew Gerrard, Thea Rae, 'Ray Ray' Dixon, David Moore, and Luke Holden for all your support in grounding this installation! 

Materials used:  In all reality this piece was created from 95% up-cycled materials, including 3/16" rebar, 3/4" steel piping, light-weight fencing, and heaps of cardboard remnants.