ALCHEMY ARTS is a group of collaborative individuals coming together to create inspiring works. OUR creative ambition IS TO INTEGRATE INTELLIGENT DESIGN WITH vivid outcomes urging towards a more HOLISTIC FUTURE. 


We believe that no singular idea, sculpture, or structure is created by only one person. Our crew is comprised of enthusiastic, collaborative team players. From conceptual design and project management, to fabrication and installation, we work together to accomplish impressive works on-time.

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AAC specializes in large-scale works comprised of many materials. Our aim is to push the boundary between perceived and unknown, finding balance in the middle realms of astonishment. We use a variety of renewable, reusable materials on our projects ranging from timber, bamboo, aluminum, steel, foam, clay, fabric, paint, LED lights, and more.  

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If you like what you see and need creative, inventive installations or environments for your home, gathering or event, follow this link and tell us how we can be of service. We look forward to professional collaboration with you and your visions. Let us bring your inspirations to life. 

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