Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, founder and lead artist of Alchemy Arts Collective is no stranger to rubber boots and bumbershoots. Our Bambrellas are modeled from the first collapsible umbrellas invented by the Chinese in 1000bc. These massive shades playfully convey our relationship to rain, sun and wind, cordially inviting onlookers to take shelter.  

From the bottom up, a steel base is the cradle fabricated to house any size concrete  “Eco-block,” containing two, 1 -ton blocks for a combined ballast of 5,000lbs. The artistic touch of the handle, a gradient of 2’-5’ steel concentric rings, holds a dual role as the connection to the cradle and stem of the umbrellas. The ‘Guadua’ stem connects to ‘Tam Vong’ bamboo spokes and struts which comprise the framework for lightweight multi-colored canopies.

Dimensions: 34’ diameter canopy.  31’ tall with 20’ stem. 5’x8’ wide base requiring 2 - 2 ton concrete blocks for ballast.

Steel, bamboo, fabric, foam, concrete, paint.