Lilies Go "Down-Unda"

Final moments before closing the doors...

Final moments before closing the doors...

This just in… ba doop, da doo doop… A 40 ft. container consisting of large-scale sculpture art was packed to the gills, leaving little room for workers to breathe!  The doors closed in the wee hours of the morning and the “one-of-a-kind” touring art package was on it’s way to the harbor! 

Alchemy Arts is proud to announce that the Lillium Gigantum series has been invited to tour Australia’s festival season. We’ve collaborated with Symbiosis Festival, Eclpise Australia, MIchael Christian, Three Point O and One Hat One Hand to deliver a unique package for festival goers and corporations alike. The 7 pieces will travel OZ from November through February before returning home to the US. 

Stay tuned for updates on remarkable happenings! 

Burning Man... A Bonding Experience

As far as debuting large-scale sculpture art, Burning Man is responsible for supporting dozens of projects each year. So we went, and we brought our larger of the two lilies to share with the community. Setup was swift, with many hands to help. The Artery and Heavy Equipment provided great support with machinery when we needed it, within reason of course as they had an entire city to support.

One day in the midst of a sand-storm an interaction occurred to set the precedence of our burn. Suspended Animation, a bondage camp from Seattle crossed paths with one of our crew and commented on how they’d like to rig some people to the flower… 

The photos you see above were taken by photographer Aaron Dorr of Los Angeles. Not only did we suspend 9 people from “Evalyn”, but we tied the creator to it and let him dangle a while.