Warning Letter! Straight from the horses mouth, Eclipse Festival Australia

this came from one of the site guys who was told that we were a little afraid of the critters we might run into out there:

"mate they shd be...this site is potentially one of the most dangerous

festival sites in oz...theres fresh water crocs..the biggest one seen

is 12 foot, theres no less the 4 different deadly types of snakes that

if bitten you have 45 mins to get anti venom or ya dead...then there

is a whole bunch of non venomous constricting snakes..we are 3 hours

from nearest hospital...then there are 2 types of scorpians

there..both hurt...there are massive wild boars on site and herds of

wild brumbys storming thru occasionally (wild horses)...all this is

confirmed and been seen on site...this coupled with the fact that

every local is pretty well bat shit crazy and armed to the teeth with

guns and dynamite..there are unused mine shafts scattered all thru

this counrty from the gold rush 100 years ago just for added enjoyment

when on nature walks!

the locals are crazy..for example one of the older locals blew up one

of the other locals houses...with dynamite...leveled it completly and

went to jail for 18 months over it and why did he do this?...because

he heard a rumor about the guy that was untrue..these two guys still

sit at the same table!...and this is just one story...another i just

heard thats more recent...a bloke was just shot up here...in the

community where the site is..he was shot and killed...body is missing,

poilce know who and what but cant prove it so nobody is being done for

it...this really is the wild west of australia...gunna be interesting?

mate im from here and all i want out of this event is to come out the

other side of it and get the fuck out of there."