Lightworks IV

We've been awarded the opportunity to show the iceberg to an entire community! The city of Isla Vista is hosting it's first light festival with 17 artists showing light based works for one weekend. Our "Running Tap" sculpture will undergo a retrofit of programmable lighting to accent the sculpture in fuller "light."

Along with improved lighting, a series of light-boards will illuminate while speaking to the purpose of Worlds Bergs art, conservation and facts about the polar regions. 

If you're in the neighborhood or feel the urge to take a trip, join us along the beautiful southern California coast, May 19-21! 


Sazanov, the 4th Dimensional Space Whale... recently landed in the grassy hills above Santa Barbara, California. Lucidity Festival, one of our favorites if we do say so ourselves, encouraged the theme of 'Universe' this edition. So, we at Alchemy Arts extended the invitation to our furthest reaching relatives in the cosmos, and low-and-behold... Saz answered. 

Saz isn't just any old whale from the outer galaxies. He's a sophisticated, inter-galactic traveler equipped to carry other traveling folk on his back. Knowing full well that our atmosphere is infinitely different than others he's used to, his respirator pack was operational while he posed for hundreds of pictures and gave dozens of rides during his Lucid land-lubbing experience. If you met him at the gathering you may have noticed he was breathing heavily, even labored breathes, where smoke appeared. If so, please don't be concerned... he enjoyed his weekend, very much, and has returned to the cycle of life in the cosmos. 

If Saz were to visit you in real life, where would you see him? Where would you reccommend he go? Would you take him to meet your family? Or to your favorite garden? Bear in mind that a creature of this magnitude weighs 40 tons and can grow upwards of 50' in length!!! Not to worry though, he has magic powers and is virtually weightless as he goes... say the magic words and hitch a ride to the galaxy or have a visit from your favorite, sky-blue, 4th dimensional...


(click above for pics.)

Special thanks to the Lucid Family, Dana Glenn, Rishi 'Blaze' Dhiri , Art Zeis, Andrew Gerrard, Thea Rae, 'Ray Ray' Dixon, David Moore and Luke Holden for all your help in grounding this installation! 

Stay tuned for more creations going 'LIVE'!

Materials used:  In all reality this piece was created from 95% up-cycled materials.

3/16" rebar, 3/4" steel piping, light-weight fencing, and heaps of cardboard remnants. 

The first EVER 4th Dimensional Space whale in the flesh! 

The first EVER 4th Dimensional Space whale in the flesh! 

"On the cover of the Rolling Stone"

Well, we're not quite on the cover, but we did make a trickle in the always expanding world of documentation and internet. Our latest piece for Symbiosis Gathering was a blip on the Rolling Stone radar.

AAC's Psychedelic Sailfish at Symbiosis. 

AAC's Psychedelic Sailfish at Symbiosis. 

Alchemy Arts Collective was at it again creating what many refer to as the "psychedelic sailfish" for Symbiosis Gathering's fall equinox weekend festival. The AAC crew has referred to it's latest installation as "Arty", who lives half in and half out of the reservoir's cooling waters. Arty's installation stats are boasting a body nearly 130' long and antennae and flippers reaching to 30' tall.

This installation was very much a group collaboration between 7 of our crew. We repurposed a few hundred bamboo splits, bits of fabric, and a few miles of rope and twine to bring 2 environments to life.

Rolling Stone photographers were onsite and captured our new found friend admiring the shimmering lights of "The Front Porch" one evening. Many enjoyed the art and a select few exchanged their vows adding to the majestic nature of our cultures gatherings. 

All together our crew created 3 environments for the gathering including our 30' tall climbable lily flower, Arty the very. very scarry sea monster, and embellished the reception area to the healing space in collaboration with Oasis Bath House and Bamboo DNA. 

Collectively we are finding that bamboo splits never cease to amaze as they are incredibly shapely and sturdy building mediums.  

Rolling Stone photo by Tom Tomkinson at Symbiosis Gathering, fall equinox. Arty and The Front Porch

Rolling Stone photo by Tom Tomkinson at Symbiosis Gathering, fall equinox. Arty and The Front Porch

Warning Letter! Straight from the horses mouth, Eclipse Festival Australia

this came from one of the site guys who was told that we were a little afraid of the critters we might run into out there:

"mate they shd be...this site is potentially one of the most dangerous

festival sites in oz...theres fresh water crocs..the biggest one seen

is 12 foot, theres no less the 4 different deadly types of snakes that

if bitten you have 45 mins to get anti venom or ya dead...then there

is a whole bunch of non venomous constricting snakes..we are 3 hours

from nearest hospital...then there are 2 types of scorpians

there..both hurt...there are massive wild boars on site and herds of

wild brumbys storming thru occasionally (wild horses)...all this is

confirmed and been seen on site...this coupled with the fact that

every local is pretty well bat shit crazy and armed to the teeth with

guns and dynamite..there are unused mine shafts scattered all thru

this counrty from the gold rush 100 years ago just for added enjoyment

when on nature walks!

the locals are crazy..for example one of the older locals blew up one

of the other locals houses...with dynamite...leveled it completly and

went to jail for 18 months over it and why did he do this?...because

he heard a rumor about the guy that was untrue..these two guys still

sit at the same table!...and this is just one story...another i just

heard thats more recent...a bloke was just shot up the

community where the site is..he was shot and killed...body is missing,

poilce know who and what but cant prove it so nobody is being done for

it...this really is the wild west of australia...gunna be interesting?

mate im from here and all i want out of this event is to come out the

other side of it and get the fuck out of there."

Lilies Go "Down-Unda"

Final moments before closing the doors...

Final moments before closing the doors...

This just in… ba doop, da doo doop… A 40 ft. container consisting of large-scale sculpture art was packed to the gills, leaving little room for workers to breathe!  The doors closed in the wee hours of the morning and the “one-of-a-kind” touring art package was on it’s way to the harbor! 

Alchemy Arts is proud to announce that the Lillium Gigantum series has been invited to tour Australia’s festival season. We’ve collaborated with Symbiosis Festival, Eclpise Australia, MIchael Christian, Three Point O and One Hat One Hand to deliver a unique package for festival goers and corporations alike. The 7 pieces will travel OZ from November through February before returning home to the US. 

Stay tuned for updates on remarkable happenings! 

Burning Man... A Bonding Experience

As far as debuting large-scale sculpture art, Burning Man is responsible for supporting dozens of projects each year. So we went, and we brought our larger of the two lilies to share with the community. Setup was swift, with many hands to help. The Artery and Heavy Equipment provided great support with machinery when we needed it, within reason of course as they had an entire city to support.

One day in the midst of a sand-storm an interaction occurred to set the precedence of our burn. Suspended Animation, a bondage camp from Seattle crossed paths with one of our crew and commented on how they’d like to rig some people to the flower… 

The photos you see above were taken by photographer Aaron Dorr of Los Angeles. Not only did we suspend 9 people from “Evalyn”, but we tied the creator to it and let him dangle a while.