Collective Creation

We believe that no one idea, sculpture, or structure is created by only one person. Our "net worth" is our "network" Click here to see who we collaborate with...


We use a smattering of renewable, reusable materials  from Bamboo, Steel, Clay, Fabric, Netting, Lights... you name it and we're twiddling our fingers planning what to make next.

Your Gathering

Want us to create for your gathering, event or festival? Drop a line and tell us what you're looking for. Let's co-create an artistic, mouth-watering future! Find us here... 

~ Alchemy Arts Collective was founded on a simple foundation… connection and interaction. Our mission is to invoke play in our culture through larger-than-life interactive sculpture art. Our features are unique in design incorporating realms of our childhood with the natural world, offering the gifts of feeling small, open and free to embrace our spirited inner child. At the heart of our creations lies the unwavering desire to connect with others. To say that we “create spaces where people come to become” truly encompasses our mission.

When you find yourself at a festival or intentional gathering in the future and stumble upon a massive sculpture art garden look for our pieces. The latest birth is the Lillium Gigantum Series, two incredibly large lily flowers that you can climb on, swing from and chill in…  we hope you enjoy!